The only Yearbook which covers all the top-level Speedway facts and results in detail.
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What is the Speedway Yearbook 2019

This is the 1st edition of the speedway bible, and it brings you all 306 meetings in colourful details.

It includes Heat by Heat detailed results, gate stats, weather info, race duration and much more of every race, ranging from SGP, SoN, SEC, World U21, SGP Qualifiers and the top four leagues (Poland, Sweden, Britain, and Denmark).

200 Pages in Color

This A4 colour softback edition includes detailed results and rider appearances in a uniform format.

Heat Times

Highlighted fastest and slowest time of the meeting, calculated average meeting Heat time compared with the track record.

Gate Statistics

Gate race win statistics and average points for each gate for all of the 306 meetings. A graph analysis shows how the gates perform between each grading brakes. These were done for all individual championships and SoN.

Lap by Lap Results

The Speedway Yearbook includes world championship (SGP and SoN) lap by lap rider positions. Along with calculations on the number of overtakes per meeting, and who was the rider who gained (or lost) the most on the track.

2019 Season is Long Gone and Dusted!

This 2019 Speedway YearBook gives you a spectacular overview on 2019 season. With easy to read format & chronologically ordered races it's perfect for any speedway fan to have it on the bookshelf.

Correct Rider Names / Heat Times / Gate Colours

The names and last names of all of the 306 riders mentioned in this yearbook were double-checked to be correct. Still today in the digital area official results contain riders like (Joson Doyle, Chris Harrs, Peter Kildermand, Rory Schlien, Kyrisyian Pieszczek, Noco Covatti ...) just to name a few mostly found in the British league results. All official and unofficial Heat times are included with a colour dot beside each rider, indicating his start gate position.

Weather and Race Duration Info

More than 95% of meetings include weather info, temperature, and humidity at the start and the end of the meeting. Weather is gathered from the website and is taken from the nearest weather station. Exact start time of the first and last heat is stated.

Gate Win Stats / Average Meeting Speed / Passing Index

Each meeting includes detailed gate stats, with race win info and average points per gate. The SGP, SoN, World U21, SEC and SGP Qualifiers meetings also include graph analysis on gate performance between each grading brake. The book points out the fastest and slowest meetings and racetracks with the average meeting speed calculations. The SGP and SoN sections also include rider positions for each lap, and consequently the calculated number of overtakes per meeting, along with the riders who gained (and lost) the most on the track.

A4+ format (218x315 mm), softback edition

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